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People change. And your way of expressing yourself might be different now. Maybe you can’t change your past, but having a tattoo doesn’t have to mean forever. Laser tattoo removal is now a safe and effective way to give you and your skin a fresh start.

At SkinIcon, we have invested in the latest technologies to provide the ultimate solution to laser tattoo removal, offering you the most innovative treatment options in the comfort of our luxury clinic.


At SkinIcon we offer a clearer future for your skin. Specialising in laser tattoo removal, we understand that you and your skin deserve the very best. 

The latest tattoo removal systems are now safer and more efficient than ever before, and are considered to be the most effective option for the removal of tattoos.

With skin health and customer experience at the very heart of everything we do, our philosophy is simple… a unique experience and a fresh start for your skin.

An introduction to laser tattoo removal


Maybe you regret your tattoo because the placement or the design is not how you imagined it. Maybe your lifestyle has changed and you now want to portray a different side of your character. Or maybe you want to fade an old tattoo to make way for a new design. For whatever reason, tattoo removal with SkinIcon is a safe and effective way to have a fresh start.

Laser tattoo removal involves heating the ink in the tattoo using a laser, which breaks down the tattoo into smaller particles. These particles are then naturally removed by your immune system over the following weeks. The latest and most advanced laser tattoo removal systems from Cynosure, Picosure and Revlite gives better results than ever before.

At SkinIcon we are unique in offering two separate types of laser tattoo removal, as well as expert advice, to allow you to make an informed decision on the best course of treatment for you.